Why We Care About the Immigrants Among Us


We Care Because

A nation that Christians call home should be many things, and foremost among those is welcoming and hospitable. The book of Leviticus commands God’s people to be this way in saying, “Treat the immigrants living in your area as if they were born there too. Love them like you would want people to love you if you were a foreigner.” Lev. 19:34.


Relocating in the US can provide a better life for immigrants and refugees, but that doesn’t mean all is wonderful during resettlement. Change can be dramatic. It means they’ve been completely uprooted with loss of homeland, and for refugees, loss of everything. They have become separated from family and friends. They experience loneliness, feel vulnerable and are unknown in their community. They are targets for exploitation. They are often marginalized, unvalued, and misunderstood. It is difficult to maintain dignity and self-worth. The Bible has much to say about these inherent human values. The personal relationship Christians pursue with Jesus Christ is reproduced when two people connect around two languages in one Bible. Both benefit.