The 19:34 Project

Two Languages – Two People – One Friendship


“Treat the immigrants living in your area as if they were born there too. Love them like you would want people to love you if you were a foreigner.”

Leviticus 19:34.


A Bridge Between Languages and Cultures

The Bible can have a greater influence on an immigrant’s life if it’s in the language they know best.

But you also need the Bible in the language you know best to read it with them.

A two-language Bible is just that, two languages literally side-by-side on the same page. Let the dialogue begin!


One Million New Legal Immigrants Arrive Annually

The foreign newcomers in your town desire to learn English and be better known in their new community. They desire friendship and acceptance, and they want to share from their language and culture. They want to assimilate without losing the richness of that language and culture. You need to welcome these newcomers by getting to know them better.

You Need Each Other

You need to help them know the true Christ through the language these neighbors are so familiar with—their own language. Immigrants and refugees want to preserve their dignity, identity and respect. The Bible says a lot about these inherent human values. There’s a place between your language and theirs to meet in, and there is a two-language Bible for that. One that speaks your language and theirs.


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Where Could You Use A Two-Language Bible?

coffee house :: Cafe :: PARK :: MISSION TRIP :: CHAPLAINCY :: REFUGEE CAMP



Which Language Does Your Neighbor Speak?


People Are Migrating

208 million people are living away from their home country and away from where traditional Bible and New Testament inventories are available.

45 million of this migrated population speaks a non-majority language and has little access to translations that are already completed in their mother tongue.

A Majority are coming to N. America

There are about 62 million people who speak a foreign language in the US.

Over 350 languages are spoken. Chances are, there is already a Bible translation in all of those languages. In fact, there is a New Testament in 670 or the worlds languages