Q: What if they don’t speak English?

A: The two-language Bible will help them begin to in their language and yours.


Q: What do I share with them in the Bible?

A: We recommend starting with areas immigrants struggle over, such as what the Bible says about foreigners, identity, dignity, friendship, and value.

Q: How do I find the best passages for addressing their needs?

A: Search Google for Bible passages references resources on depression, fear, dignity, identity in Christ, and welcoming foreigners; things like that.

Q: Why shouldn’t I just use a Bible App?

A: Bible Apps can’t align two Bibles in one App. Using to Apps still makes it cumbersome to look at book languages and compare verses and sections. Even in the digital age, a printed (PDF) two-language Bible is a tangible tool for that sharing space. It’s something you can leave with them.